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Radiology and ultrasound

RadiologyHigh-quality digital radiology

Each of our hospitals is equipped with a full digital radiology suite including automatic processing of the radiographs. This enables us to produce top quality radiographs, viewed immediately using more sophisticated image processing tools, to provide greater depth of information with better detail, resulting in closer scrutiny of potential areas of concern. This allows our veterinary team to provide your pet with better patient care.

This is a more efficient and safer process for your pet as it means fewer X-rays to get the correct one.


Ultrasonography has become an essential imaging tool for identifying abnormalities. Sutherland Vet Clinic is equipped with ultrasonography and routinely performs ultrasounds as part of good patient healthcare. This allows our veterinary team to diagnose, within our clinic, usually on the same day if required, and treat the most complex and challenging medical cases. This helps us to visualise the internal organs such as the heart, liver and bladder. Pregnancy diagnosis is possible from three weeks after mating.

Sutherland Vet clinic also uses the services of specialist ultrasonographers, Veterinary Imaging Associates ( when necessary.

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