Sutherland Vet Clinic takes the care of your pets very seriously. For this reason we recommend two dedicated emergency service practices that provide 24/7 patient care and specialists for your pet in emergencies. We work in conjunction with these emergency practices to ensure our patients and your pets are treated well and the medical information is shared.

Small Animal Specialist Hospital

24-hour emergency number: 02 9889 0289

Located in North Ryde, vetICU is a dedicated animal emergency and critical care service within the Small Animal Specialist Hospital. Being an emergency service there is no appointment system and emergency cases are triaged and seen in their order or urgency. They aim to keep waiting times as short as possible but as this is an emergency service patients are seen in order of urgency. Ideally you should call ahead so they can be as prepared as possible to care for your sick or injured pet. vetICU operates Monday to Friday nights from 5.00pm to 8.00am and 24 hours on the weekend and public holidays. The front door will be locked after hours for security reasons so as you arrive, please press the doorbell for prompt attention. If you cannot transport your pet to SASH they can arrange for an ambulance to come to your home.

Animal Referral Hospital

24-hour emergency number: 02 9758 8666

Located in Strathfield, about a 30-minute drive from the Shire, the emergency service is run in a similar manner to casualty at a human hospital. Upon arrival, the patients are triaged so the cases are seen in order of importance, not necessarily in order of arrival.

You will be asked to fill in paperwork with information about yourself and your pet. During consultation with the vet, they will discuss the case history and outline your treatment options and approximate costs for procedures. If your pet is admitted to hospital for treatment, you will be asked to sign a consent form and provided with an initial estimate of costs. You will then need to leave a deposit of 50% of estimated costs for treatment to proceed.

The vet will keep in touch with you over the phone during the course of your pet’s stay in hospital. Patients seen through the emergency service are returned to their primary care veterinarian or can be referred to one of our specialists if required.