Desexing and Microchipping

At Sutherland Vet Clinic we routinely perform desexing and microchipping procedures on all animals.

There are many medical and behavioural advantages for desexing your pet. Most importantly, desexing helps to keep your pet happy and healthy. It also helps to reduce the overpopulation of animals, it reduces the risk of prostate and testicular problems later in life and reduces the cost of registration fees.

Microchipping involves the injection of a tiny rice grain-sized pellet under the skin. The ‘chip’ contains an encoded ID number that can be read using a scanner by any vet or shelter. Puppies must be microchipped by 12 weeks of age.

At Sutherland Shire council when cats and dogs reach the age of six months (although this can be done sooner) they must be registered with council and you need to pay the appropriate fee. This is a lifetime registration – you need only do this once during the animal’s life.